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I started my shop because I realized I loved design and wanted to explore it at a much

smaller and more personal scale than in architecture. By using digital fabrication

techniques- 3d modeling/ 3d printing, laser cutting- I found that I could produce unique,

complex designs that would not be possible any other way. My background in architecture

often seeps into my smaller scale design work. Initially that was unintentional, but I

quickly discovered that I enjoy allowing architecture to inspire and guide my process.

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Alia Hasan is a designer living and working in San Diego,

California. She received her Bachelors of Arts degree in

Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley. After

interning at various architecture firms she went on to a 3 year

graduate program at UCLA where she received a Masters of

Architecture degree. Before leaving Los Angeles she worked for

modernist architect Mark Mack on projects that ranged from

the scale of a guest house in Sonoma County, California to an

international competition for a new housing development in

Pangyo, Korea (in which the firm won first place).


Her work is currently focused on design of a different scale entirely. She is interested in

using digital fabrication techniques to create designs that incorporate elements of

architecture - such as form, surface, geometry - applied to the scale of jewelry. This

interest led her to create Archetype Z Studio in April of 2011. Her work has been

featured on the sites of Lucky Magazine, Entrepreneur.com, 2modern, Design Milk,

Little Red Umbrella and other art/design blogs and publications. It was also featured

in the San Diego Union Tribune in July 2012 with a photo on the front page and an

article in the business section.


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Archetype Z jewelry can sometimes be found at the following

shops and online retailers around the world:

Orange County Museum of Art

Lux Art Institute

Lubeznik Center for the Arts

South Alberta Art Gallery

Urban Alchemist

Forno NZ

Niuno Japan


Monoco Japan


Onigiri Netherlands



Archetype Z has been featured in the following publications and blogs:

San Diego Union Tribune

Entrepeneur and Young Entrepenuer (online)

New York Daily News

Lucky Magazine

Wired Magazine's 3d Print-Off

Mayhem Magazine- Australia (Issue 8 2012)

Little Red Umbrella- Canada

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